Live code preview in Sublime Text 2 and 3

Don't want to refresh page every time you change code or content? Me neither.

Natasha Pristovsek

3 minute read

Beginner programmers and sometimes even senior front-end developers need a lot of code fixing and figuring out of how to make something work. Clicking and refreshing button everytime they change something …is downright dounting. Having that instant visual feedback, saves you a lot of time when trying to figure something out or how it fits. Follow along these steps to set it up yourself. 1. Download Sublime Text If you’re not using Sublime Text as your prefered choice of editor yet, you totally should.

How to host Hugo blog on Github Pages for free

The newest static page generator blows Jekyll out of the water. Learn how to host it for free on Github pages.

Natasha Pristovsek

5 minute read

Why Hugo I know what you’re thinking…why do we need a new static generator, what’s wrong with Jekyll. Well, look, I love Jekyll… but playing around with Hugo for a week … it blew Jekyll right out of the water. Let’s first check out why Hugo in case you are just entertaining the idea of switching to / using Hugo. the good, bad and the ugly Reasons for going Hugo: Simple theme handling.